Vyapar FREE vs PAID Mobile App: Which One To Go For?

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

They say the best things in LIFE are free: a breath of fresh air, unconditional love, friends.

But, the best things in your BUSINESS aren’t free!

A FREE Billing App may fit well enough for your business needs. But, for it to be “Best in Class”, it has a price attached.Of course, Vyapar App offers a wide range of features on both its FREE and PAID options.

However, here are 2 BIG reasons why Premium Vyapar App is better to go for:

1. “SYNC” devices.

Well, having PAID Vyapar App means, ✔ Firstly, you can enable your Vyapar account from more than 1 DEVICE at a time.

Data Accessibility: Single Device at a time vs Multiple Devices at a time

In addition, you get to enter the same data less number of times.

Data Entry: Data has to be entered manually vs Data gets synchronized automatically.

Moreover, you can share updated business data with your Staff/Partners/Accountant conveniently and get your job done.

Data Sharing: You can’t share your data with anyone vs You can choose to share data with your team

Above all, you will know what’s happening in your business from wherever you are.

Remote Access: You can’t access your business data vs Get updates on your business wherever you are!

2. Better “BRAND IMAGE”.

Well, this means NO mention of “Vyapar” on your invoices, messages, invoices, etc. ✔ If you’re a small business, you can choose to remove “Vyapar branding” that spoils your customer experience.

Branding on Invoices: With Vyapar Branding vs With your Branding

Your message to your customers goes with your business name instead of Vyapar, and this helps you look completely professional.

Branding on Messages: Goes With Vyapar at the end vs With “Your Company” Name at the end

Well, you can eliminate unwanted branding that goes against your brand causing damage to your image in your industry.

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